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Sharekhan Review: Is this broker legit, safe and trustworthy for Indians?

Review: Now, let's take a closer look at Sharekhan, including its Demat Account, Sharekhan Brokerage Fees, Sharekhan Trading Platforms such as Tradetiger, and other significant aspects of the company.

Review: Sharekhan first stepped foot on the ground in 2000. The full-service broker was once affiliated with SSKI and was recently bought by the BNP Paribas Financial Services Group.

BNP Paribas has rebranded the product as Sharekhan.

Review: Sharekhan is a promising business that provides top-notch services and is considered to be one of the Best Stock Brokers in India.

Review: They provide full-service brokerage services through its internet trading website,, as well as through their 1850 branch offices worldwide.

Review: It also has a global presence in the nations of Oman and the United Arab Emirates.


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Review: Individual investors, institutional investors, traders, corporates, and non-resident Indians (NRIs) make up the majority of Sharekhan's customer base in India, which has grown to more than 14,000,000 users.

In addition, they provide investing services on the BSE and NSE exchanges.

Review: You can make investments in initial public offerings (IPOs) and mutual funds, as well as benefit from depository services (Demat account). In addition, Sharekhan Comtrade, a division of the company that enables commodities trading on the MCX and NCDEX, has been established.

Review: By carefully examining the table, it is easy to deduce that the brokerage firm has pre-determined that it would charge 0.5 percent for equity delivery trading, 0.1 percent for equity intraday trading, 0.1 percent for equity futures trading, and 0.1 percent for commodity trading.

Currency Futures Trading is subject to a 0.1 percent commission, whereas Equity Options Trading is subject to a Rs.50 per lot commission and Currency Options Trading is subject to a Rs.30 per lot commission.

Review: They also charge Rs. 400 per year to cover the cost of keeping Demat Accounts on a yearly basis.

Sharekhan does not impose any restrictions on its clients in terms of the yearly maintenance fee for Trading Account maintenance of any minimum Margin Balance.

The brokerage house provides a variety of prepaid and postpaid brokerage options. All of these plans are based on the basic brokerage rates, and they differ depending on the margin scheme that has been chosen.

Review: Sharekhan has imposed some minimum brokerage costs in appropriate circumstances, i.e., a minimum specified charge will be required to be paid even for the smallest amount of trading.

As a result, depending on the mandated rates described above, the charges grow according to the increase in quantum.

The following are the bare minimum charges, which have been summarised for your convenience: Intra-day trades need a minimum commission of 5 paise per share.

As previously stated, the basic brokerage charge for intraday trading is 0.1 percent; as a result, if an investor trades for less than INR 50, a minimum brokerage charge of 5 paise per share will be assessed as a minimum brokerage charge.

Review: Delivery-based trades are subject to a brokerage fee of 10 paise per share as a minimum.

Since the primary brokerage for a delivery deal is 0.5 percent, an investor who trades for less than INR 20 per share would be charged a minimum brokerage charge of 10 paise per share as a result of the 0.5 percent primary brokerage.

When the total traded value is Rs 3200/-, the DP costs are as follows: Rs 16/- per scrip at the bare minimum (or less if it is a sell transaction).

Review: See our Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator for a more in-depth breakdown of brokerage and other fees. Transaction fees and transaction charges are taxed at rates of 0.00275 percent on the overall turnover value as Transaction Charges, 0.0002 percent on the overall turnover value as Securities Transaction Tax, 0.0002 percent on the overall turnover value as the SEBI Turnover Charges, and 18 percent on the sum of the total levied up on brokerage fee and a transaction charge.

They also charge a variable amount to collect Stamp Duty, which is, of course, a negligible sum in comparison to the rest of the costs. So, these are the additional fees and expenses that you should be aware of.

Transferring physical certificates into electronic form would incur a fee of Rs.5 per certificate, according to the Dematerialization Charges policy.

Rematerialization Fees - In contrast to the conversion of electronic certificates to physical certificates, the cost of converting electronic certificates to physical certificates is Rs 50 per certificate or Rs 50 for every hundred securities.

Charges for Custody - There are no specified custody charges, and the charges are zero in amount.

Statement on pledge creation stating that the fees associated with pledge are 0.03 percent of the transaction's value (Min Rs 100).

Freeze/unfreeze -Blocking or unfreezing your account will cost you Rs.25 every transaction.

Rs 10 will be charged in connection with the provision of an additional statement of holdings or transaction.

The company Sharekhan does not impose any account opening costs. The trading AMC as well as the Demat fees are also included.

Although there is no startup charge for the Demat account, there is an annual maintenance fee of INR 400. Generally, this cost is waived for the first year of the trading account's existence.

Sharekhan has successfully expanded its activities to a large scale, as well as expanding its client base and providing them with the finest possible services.

Review: After taking a look at the chart that has been carefully constructed and shown above, it is not difficult to come to a conclusion about all of the different sorts of offers that Sharekhan is making available to all of its individual traders and investors.

Review: It is clear that the well-known brokerage firm, which is regarded as one of the Top 10 Full-Service Brokers in India, is offering special incentives, such as free trading account opening, substantial concessions on the overall brokerage value, extremely flexible brokerage plans, referral incentives and even a month's worth of brokerage-free transactions, to attract new clients.

The fact is that no offers in the form of holiday-based promotions, trading happy hours or the opportunity to charge Zero Brokerage Amount on any or all of the loss-making transactions have been developed.

Review: If the information provided above has had an impression on you in such a way that you are already looking forward to joining Sharekhan as a trader or as an investor but are unsure of how to go about doing so, the following information will help you.

In little time at all, you will be registered with this wonderful brokerage company if you follow the procedures outlined below.

Begin by clicking on the 'Open Demat Account' button, which is highlighted in green.

When you click on the button, a form will appear on your computer screen as a result of your action.

Examine each and every word that appears on this form with great care and attention to detail.

Once you have finished reading the full form, fill out all of the necessary parts with accurate and complete information.

Following the submission of the form, you will be prompted to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

You will be required to upload specific papers in order to verify your age, residence, and identification during this procedure.

You'll need your Adhar card, your PAN card, and a copy of your photograph to complete this process.

As soon as you have completed all of the previously indicated stages, you will be contacted by authorised Sharekhan professionals, who will begin the last round of verifications before transferring ownership of your account to you.

After completing the final verification process, you should be able to access your new Sharekhan account and obtain your login credentials within a few of hours.

Review: Trading across multiple government-recognized indexes and exchanges inside the Indian constitution necessitates the possession of a Demat or, at the at least, a Trading Account for the individual to be successful.

Furthermore, registering as a trader with a reputable brokerage business has its benefits, as previously mentioned.

Review: Listed below are a few of the most persuasive arguments in favour of opening a Sharekhan Trading Account: ICICI Securities Limited was one of the first brokerage companies in India to promote the concept of online trading to both traders and investors around the country.

Review: The company has a huge network of more than two thousand six hundred outlets spread over five hundred and seventy-five cities and twenty-eight states, all of which are ready to provide you with some of the greatest services and goods available on the market today.

Sharekhan has received recognition on a number of occasions in the past. They have received a number of honours and recognitions over the years.

They provide a variety of trading platforms to meet the needs of their customers, including an Installable terminal, a mobile trading platform, a phone and trade platform, in-person trade through branch offices, and online browser-based trading.

It offers a variety of brokerage slabs to accommodate the needs of various consumers. The greater the volume of your deal, the lower your brokerage fee. They have a number of different brokerage schemes accessible to them.

They provide investors with online and in-person training, as well as seminars, field excursions, and workshops.

There are no fees associated with any DP transactions. The transfer of shares between the DP account and another account is completely free.

Sharekhan has a branch network that stretches across the country. You should be able to locate a Sharekhan branch in your immediate vicinity.

With Sharekhan, you may use the Call & Trade feature for free.

The use of a fixed deposit as security for futures and option trading is also permitted.

Systematic Investment Plans, commodity trading, mutual funds, options trading, equity trading, currency trading, and futures trading are all examples of goods available in the financial markets.

Their goods are limited to insurance and banking; they do not offer any Forex-based trading or any other financial services.

Investment Cart: This is a cutting-edge solution that allows you to purchase stocks in bulk while also keeping track of them.

In addition, the software allows the user to keep track of changes in the stock price of items that have been added to the basket since his last visit.

It is possible to earn from the indexes and stocks using the Pattern Finder, which analyses them in order to extract multiple profitable possibilities and then offers the necessary information.

In addition, the gadget is well-known for scanning the stores every night in accordance with technical analysis specifications.

Review:  With the aid of the smart search, you may save time and effort by simpl Individual investors, institutional investors, traders, corporates, and non-resident Indians (NRIs) make up the majority of Sharekhan's customer base in India, which has grown to more than 14,000,000 users.

In addition, they provide investing services on the BSE and NSE exchanges.

Review: You can make investments in initial public offerings (IPOs) and mutual funds, as well as benefit from depository services (Demat account). In addition, Sharekhan Comtrade, a division of the company that enables commodities trading on the MCX and NCDEX, has been established.

Review: By carefully examining the table, it is easy to deduce that the brokerage firm has pre-determined that it would charge 0.5 percent for equity delivery trading, 0.1 percent for equity intraday trading, 0.1 percent for equity futures trading, and 0.1 percent for commodity trading.

Review: Currency Futures Trading is subject to a 0.1 percent commission, whereas Equity Options Trading is subject to a Rs.50 per lot commission and Currency Options Trading is subject to a Rs.30 per lot commission.

They also charge Rs. 400 per year to cover the cost of keeping Demat Accounts on a yearly basis.

Review: Sharekhan does not impose any restrictions on its clients in terms of the yearly maintenance fee for Trading Account maintenance of any minimum Margin Balance. The brokerage house provides a variety of prepaid and postpaid brokerage options. All of these plans are based on the basic brokerage rates, and they differ depending on the margin scheme that has been chosen.

Technical analysis, investing advice & policies, and news notifications to clients through email, SMS, and other marketing campaigns, their research teams also assist traders with market research.

Those who invest in the company will be able to attend free online and classroom seminars/workshops. Customers who sign up for a Sharekhan account will receive online and in-person assistance from Sharekhan representatives.

Review: The Pattern Finder tool is yet another intriguing offering from Sharekhan. After doing research on stocks and indexes, this analytical tool provides investors with potential investment possibilities.

In addition to performing all of the necessary analysis and scanning every stock, conducting technical research, creating chart patterns, and forecasting prices may save investors valuable time and work.

Review:  This is a terrific resource that Sharekhan makes available to its investors. They may learn about the market, mutual funds, SIPs, and other topics by participating in modules.

In addition, the Sharekhan Classroom calendar may be accessible on their site in order to keep track of when the courses are scheduled.

NRI services: The Sharekhan app and web site provide NRIs with the ability to communicate with a dedicated relationship manager who will analyse their needs.

They can do business over the phone or through a call centre. Email services on a regular basis, in accordance with latest market suggestions and conditions.

NRIs may benefit from real-time portfolio tracking as well as price alerts to keep up with the latest prices on their assets. Transactions are made more secure by the use of securities settlement and automated funds.

In such a short period of time, Sharekhan has achieved stupendous success, and this is not a miracle in and of itself.

Review: They offer extensive leverage and exposure to specific asset classes, provide far more than satisfactory services to their respective clients and investors, enable their separate traders to trade across all of the major asset classes, and excel in providing high-quality research and advisory services to their respective customers.

Review: In addition, as you can see in the table above, they provide overwhelmingly satisfying Research and advisory services in the areas of Offline Advisory, Monthly Reports, Company Stock Overview, Weekly Reports, Annual Reports, Top Picks, Research Reports, Company Reports, Fundamental Reports, and Free Stock Tips, among other things.

Review: In addition, they give a Relationship Manager to their individual customers and clients. In brief, they provide a wide range of research and consulting services, in addition to the Daily Market Review and Initial Public Offering Tips that they are well-known for.

The leverage in equity options trading, currency futures trading, and currency options trading is one to one (or one to one).

Review: However, if you are still unsure about the exact amount of leverage that you will receive on a complicated number of shares that you wish to purchase, you could consult the Sharekhan Margin Calculator, which is a dedicated tool created just for this purpose.

Review: Central Depository Securities Limited (CDSL) is stated to provide a feature known as Easiest, which allows consumers to transfer equities from one broker to another with the least amount of effort. And in order to accomplish this, you will need to follow the procedures outlined below: CDSL's web platform may be accessed by logging in.

Now, using the link, select the option to register.

Select the Easiest option from the drop-down menu.

Then you may fill up all of the necessary information and print it out again before submitting it to your depository participant.

They will be forwarded to the central Depository for verification by the DP team.

Once the verification process is complete, you will be able to transfer the stocks from your previous trading account to your current trading account.

Review: The following are the most important characteristics of TradeTiger:

This platform allows traders to trade in numerous sectors (for several exchanges, including BSE, NSE, Cash & F&O, MCX, and NCDEX) from a single platform.

  • Market updates in real time; many Market Watches are accessible.

  • Trade from Excel and HeatMap are just a couple of the advanced trading and analytical tools available.

  • It is possible to customise the charts, screens, languages, themes, layouts, shortcuts, and other features.

  • There are a variety of graph studies accessible, including the Average, Band-Bollinger, Know Sure-Thing, MACD, RSI, and others.

  • Hotkeys that are identical to those found on a standard broker terminal.


There are a variety of tools accessible to evaluate the market, including Tick Query, Ticker, Action Watch, Option Premium Calculator, Span Calculator, and Market Summary, among others.

Review: Investors may buy and sell stocks using this trading platform, which includes features such as Integrated Banking, numerous watch lists, Demat and digital contracts, Instant credit and transfer, and Real-time portfolio tracking with price alerts, among other things.

The following are some of the characteristics of the Sharekhan Web Trading Platform: Equity and derivatives trading using an online trading platform.

Dial-n-Trade is a free trading service that allows you to trade over the phone (discussed below) With phone banking, you may make automatic cash transfers (Citibank and HDFC bank).

Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., a facility for placing orders is available.

Review: Integration of an online trading account with a bank account and a demat account Instantaneous cash-transfer mechanism for the acquisition and sale of any number of shares Order and trade confirmations are sent to you instantly through email or SMS.

In addition to the following functions, the Sharekhan App is also very user-friendly: Provides a wide range of features for both traders and investors.

Directly from the scrip search page, the user may trade, check charts and comprehensive quotations, and add to MarketWatch and a virtual portfolio of stocks.

Live charts have been improved

Users can trade in advanced orders (Bracket Orders) and keep track of their trades and order history in the expanded report area.

Review: A low-bandwidth webpage that may be visited with a basic 2G phone or smartphone is available. The following functions are available to users on this website: Allowing access to the chart for numerous BSE and NSE scrips will help you to keep track of the market trend.

With a multi-exchange streaming watchlist, you may trade in multiple sectors.

Invest in mutual funds and keep track on their performance.

Transfer funds from a bank account to a trading account, a mutual fund, or an IPO, and vice versa.

Review: This platform enables the investor to conduct trading activities over the phone using the platform. In addition, this trading platform offers a three-step security mechanism to protect users' data.

The investor would need to dial one of the designated contact lines and enter a PIN number, after which he or she would be connected with a telebroker and be able to make an order on the market.

  • Toll-free telephone numbers;

  • The conversations are taped;

  • There is no limit on the number of calls that can be made;

  • In addition, if requested, the telebroker will give instruction, support, and recommendations.

  • The ability to discuss and comprehend market trends and issues that are impacting the markets.

  • For stock and derivatives trading, the hours of operation are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, while the hours of operation for commodities are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Because the Sharekhan market app is established and optimised for both investors and traders, you may set financial objectives with it and track your progress.

You may use them to trade in derivatives and equities on the BSE and NSE, as well as to invest in mutual funds using the Sharekhan app.

Review: Aside from that, other features such as measuring tools and detailed charts enable you to make more informed trading decisions than before. While doing so, shortcut bars and portfolio customisation will make it easier for you to keep track of your assets.

As you have probably already guessed, the nationally famous brokerage company offers special client service in the form of Chat Support, Online Support, Dedicated Dealer, Online Support, and Email Support, among other options.

In addition to having a nationwide network of around 126 locations, they also provide traders and investors with a toll-free number, 1800 22 7500, via which they may communicate with them.

They do not, however, give help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Review: On the Bombay Stock Exchange, Sharekhan received a total of 189 complaints, while on the National Stock Exchange, they received a total of 218 complaints.

The exchanges did, however, manage to settle around 138 and 217 complaints, respectively, within the same year in the two exchanges that were involved.

Because they do not supply any banking services, they are unable to provide a 3-in-1 account.

The brokerage fees are calculated on a percentage basis, which makes them more expensive than flat fee brokers.

Brokerage fees start at 10 paisa per stock and go up from there. It would not allow your stock to go below 20 rupees in value (you may lose the most money in brokerage).

Orders cannot be placed beyond trading hours due to a lack of availability of the system.

Commodity trading is not available to Classic account members.

Over the course of the last several years, Sharekhan has demonstrated its value as a market leader in a number of ways.

Even if the corporation refuses to be consistent in its technological advancement, it does so by concentrating on continuously enhancing its goods and services, which is a great achievement in and of itself.

The upshot is that traders now have the ability to trade across all major commodities exchanges from just one single platform, namely Sharekhan.

Is it risk-free to trade on Sharekhan? Sharekhan is a member of a select group of stockbrokers that have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the stock market.

They have been in business for a long time and have developed a reputation as a brand that investors and traders seek out when making investments. As a result, they are suitable for trade.

Review: What is the sharekhan brokerage commission? Sharekhan charges the same brokerage structure as the traditional brokers, i.e., the full-service brokers, but without the commissions. According on the volume of transactions, they charge a percentage of the total transaction amount.

Customers may also take advantage of prepaid and postpaid brokerage plans offered by the company.

Review: What is the procedure for opening a Sharekhan Demat account online? Opening a Demat account is straightforward and may be completed in a few short steps. To begin, you must first click on the green button at the top of this page, which will direct you to the pop-up form.

Fill out the form with the requested information, and then go through the KYC procedure to get your account authorised.

Is it possible to invest in an initial public offering (IPO) through Sharekhan? Yes, this brokerage offers the opportunity to participate in an initial public offering (IPO), and account holders can seek to subscribe for their preferred IPO issue.

The procedure can be completed either online or offline, depending on the convenience of the individual involved in the process.

What kind of leverage does Sharekhan offer? In the event that you decide to trade using leverage, you can take advantage of up to 5x leverage when doing intraday trading.

Review: Among the other rates are 1x on equity futures trading, zero on currency futures trading, 1x on equity delivery, 1x on commodities futures trading, and 1x on options trading Is there a trading application for Sharekhan? Yes, Sharekhan offers a user-friendly app that is jam-packed with high-end functionality and is simple to operate.

The customer has the ability to trade on the move, regardless of the time or location. Investment through mobile applications is the most practical method of investing nowadays, and this broker stays up with the trends.

How can I get in touch with Sharekhan customer service? This broker has a large network of sub-brokers, and you may reach out to their offices through the offline procedure if you choose.

Other options include calling their toll-free number, sending them an email with your complaint, or chatting with them online because they provide chat help.

Review: Is Sharekhan a company that does research? Yes, this firm engages in research services that are extremely beneficial to and supportive of investors in general. Investors can benefit from the expertise of a team of specialists who can guide them through the process of making the most of their money.

Is Sharekhan a good choice for first-time users? This stockbroker is now regarded as one of the greatest market players in the sector, and investors have a high level of confidence in them.

Furthermore, they give educational support, which makes them a good alternative for novices, and the broker will walk them through the entire process from start to finish.

Review: Who Was the Founder of Sharekhan? Shrepal Morakhia is the founder and CEO of Sharekhan, which launched in the stockbroking market in 2000 and was a pioneer in the development of online retail brokerage services.

The corporation began exploiting its assets as early as the digital age of the stock market, i.e., when electronic trading was introduced.

Review: Sharekhan, which was founded in February 2000, is the third largest stockbroker in India (after ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities). With its online trading website and 1800 offices, which comprise branches and franchisees in over 550 locations across India, Sharekhan provides brokerage services to individuals and businesses alike. Because of its extremely successful online trading platform and its extensive network of franchise locations in practically every area of India, Sharekhan has experienced tremendous development over the last ten years or more. Sharekhan also has worldwide operations in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Review: Sharekhan provides its services to a diverse range of consumers, including individual investors and traders, corporations, financial institutions, and nonresident Indians (NRIs). As of December 2018, Sharekhan had more than 17 lakh registered users. Trading facilities for the equities, cash, and derivatives divisions are available on the BSE and NSE, while commodities trading services are available on the MCX and NCDEX. Sharekhan additionally provides depository services (demat account), as well as the possibility to invest in mutual funds and initial public offerings (IPOs).

Review: India's stock market investing platform,, is the best in the business. The well-designed website offers a wide selection of investing alternatives, stock market news, research papers, stock quotations, basic and statistical information on stocks, mutual funds, initial public offerings, and much more...

Review: The new Sharekhan App is user-friendly, and it has been completely revamped with the needs of the users in mind. Apart from having a fresh new style, it also has a broad feature set that caters to the needs of both traders and investors. You can now simply start trades, keep track of your stocks, and manage your portfolio, all from a one location.

Review: Retail investors can also take use of 'Sharekhan TradeTiger,' which is one of the most popular trading terminals available. With a look and feel that is very similar to the Broker Terminal, the Trade Tiger allows regular traders to make and execute orders at breakneck speeds. It also gives real-time statistics as well as additional tools on the same screen to assist users in their trading activities.

Review: The 'ShareMobile' platform from Sharekhan provides trading capabilities through a mobile application.

Review: Mobile applications are available for popular smartphones such as the iPhone, iPad,  Android, and others.

Review: The services provided by Sharekhan include trading in stocks, futures, options, and commodities, as well as investing in initial public offerings (IPOs), mutual funds, insurance, bonds, and non-convertible debt obligations (NCDs). In addition, the company offers Sharekhan Demat Accounts and is registered as a depository participant with both the NSD and the CDS.

Review: Sharekhan provides a variety of accounts to meet the needs of its customers. There are several accounts available, including the Sharekhan First Step Account, Sharekhan Classic Account, Sharekhan Trade Tiger Account, and Portfolio Mgmt Services (PMS), which is available through the Sharekhan Platinum Circle Account.

Review: Investors may get investment advice, stock suggestions, quarterly business results analysis, and news alerts from Sharekhan's in-house research teams, which they can access through email, SMS, and the company's website,, on a regular basis. In order to assist stock and commodities market investors of all types, Sharekhan has established an amazing information centre on its website. Aside from that, it provides investors with free online and in-person seminars / workshops. Online and in-person assistance from a Sharekhan professional is included with every Sharekhan Account.

Review: Investors may use a classic account to buy and sell stocks online while also taking use of additional services such as numerous watch lists, Integrated Banking, demat and digital contracts, Real-time portfolio tracking with price alerts, and Instant credit and transfer.

Account for trading in equities and derivatives through the internet.

Trading is completely free over the phone (Dial-n-Trade)

Two dedicated phone numbers for placing orders over the phone or from a landline are provided.

With phone banking, you may automate the transfer of funds (for Citibank and HDFC bank customers) For authentication, a simple and secure Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is used.

take advantage of our telebrokers' reliable and skilled advise

Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., you can place orders for delivery after hours.

Combining online trading with a bank account and a demat account

Instantaneous cash transfer facility in connection with the purchase and sale of shares Initial Public Offering (IPO) investments

Order and trade confirmations are sent out immediately by e-mail.

For cash and derivatives, a single screen interface is used.

Trading account with TradeTiger: This is a web-based executable programme designed for active traders who trade often during the trading session of the day. The following are some of the most frequently used features of a Trade Tiger account.

A single platform for various exchanges, including the BSE and NSE (cash and futures), the MCX, and the NCDEX.

On a single screen, you may keep track of many markets.

Hot keys that are comparable to those seen on a classic broker terminal

Agreements with 12 banks for the transmission of cash through the internet

There are a variety of tools accessible to evaluate the market, including Tick Query, Ticker, Market Summary, Action Watch, Option Premium Calculator, and Span Calculator, among others.

There are a variety of graph studies accessible, including average, Band-Bollinger, Know SureThing, MACD, RSI, and others.

Charges levied by Sharekhan:

Review: Account opening fees as well as annual maintenance fees are charged (AMC)

There are no charges for opening a trading account (one-time) (Free)

Annual maintenance costs (AMC) for trading: Rs 0.00 (Free)

Demat Account Opening Fees (One-Time): These fees are included in the trading account opening fees.


Review: Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for Demat Accounts: Rs 400 per year (Free for 1st year with trading account.) Brokerage fees charged by Sharekhan Trading:

Equity Cash Intraday Trades: 0.10 percent on the purchase side of the ledger for the day.

0.50% of the total value of the transaction, or 10 paise per share or Rs 16 per scrip, whichever amount is greater.


Forex and options trading (F&O): 0.10 percent on the first leg and 0.10 percent if the trade is squared off on any other day Option trades generate a premium of 2.50 percent, or Rs 250 per lot, on the premium (whichever is higher).

Currency futures are worth 0.10 percent of the underlying currency.

2.50 percent or Rs 30 per lot on premium for currency options (whichever is higher).

Commodity: 0.10 percent of the total.

Review: When trading intra-day, Sharekhan imposes a minimum brokerage fee of 5 paise per share, which is the industry standard. This implies that if the share price you trade in is Rs 50 or less, you will be paid a minimum brokerage of 5 paise per share while you are performing intraday trading in the stock market.

Review: Delivery-based trades are subject to a minimum brokerage fee of 10 paise per share charged by Sharekhan. For delivery-based trades, the minimum brokerage is 10 paise per share when the price of the stock is Rs 20 or less, resulting in a total fee of Rs 20.

For sell transactions, the DP costs are as low as Rs 16 per scrip when the entire traded value is less than Rs 3200 (in this situation, Rs 3200 is the minimum amount).

Sharekhan provides its customers with four different types of online trading software.

Review: TradeTiger is an online trading platform (Trading Terminal)

Sharekhan App is a mobile application

Sharekhan Mini is a miniature version of Sharekhan (Low bandwidth App)

These Sharekhan trading software's allow you to trade stocks, commodities, and currencies on the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX exchanges. All consumers have access to the Sharekhan trading platform, which is completely free.

Review: A strong and advanced trading programme for PC, TradeTiger is an exe-based installable trading application that is accessible in India and is among the most powerful and advanced trading software available. This platform, which was developed in-house by the Sharekhan IT team, is constantly being updated in response to user input. Sharekhan Trade Tiger is equipped with all of the features required by an active trader.

Review: Pros of Sharekhan

The following are some of the benefits of using Sharekhan. Before creating an account with Sharekhan, you should review the pros and downsides of the platform.

The advantages and disadvantages of Sharekhan might assist you in determining whether or not it is appropriate for your investing requirements.

  • Sharekhan provides a variety of trading platforms to meet the needs of various customers. This covers online browser-based trading, installable terminal trading, mobile trading, call-and-trade trading, and in-person trading through branch offices, among other things.

  • It offers a variety of brokerage slabs to accommodate the needs of various consumers. The greater the volume of your deal, the lower your brokerage fee. Many different brokerage schemas are accessible to customers through them.

  • Sharekhan provides investors with online and classroom training, as well as seminars and workshops.

  • Sharekhan does not impose fees for online funds transfers from bank accounts or for online funds transfers from bank accounts to bank accounts.

  • In the case of DP transactions, Sharekhan does not charge any fees. Transferring shares between and within the dp account is completely free.

  • Sharekhan has a branch network that extends throughout India. You will very certainly be able to locate a Sharekhan in your area.

  • With Sharekhan, you may use the Call & Trade feature for free.

  • Fixed deposit can be used as collateral for futures and option trading on Sharekhan's platform.


Review: Sharekhan's Negatives

The following are some of the disadvantages of Sharekhan. Take a look at the list of Sharekhan's disadvantages.

  • Sharekhan does not provide banking services, hence they are unable to provide a 3-in-1 account.

  • In comparison to flat fee brokers, they charge brokerage fees depending on a percentage of the transaction value.

  • They demand a minimum fee of 10 paisa per stock and would not allow you to trade equities that are worth less than Rs 20. (If you trade, the majority of your money will be lost in brokerage fees.) Commodities cannot be traded by traditional account holders.

  • Stocks with a 20 percent margin (maximum 5x leverage) for intraday trading can be purchased through Sharekhan, depending on the stock. Equity, currency, and commodity trading at the BSE, NSE, and MCX are all subject to a 1.3x intraday trading margin from Sharekhan Financial & Operational. In the case of Sharekhan F&O carry forward positions and stock delivery trades, there is no extra margin available to them.

  • The number of Sharekhan customer complaints that have been received by the stock exchange. The Sharekhan customer complaint report is useful in determining the overall quality and dependability of the Sharekhan service.


Review: Sharekhan is a brokerage located in India that was established in 2000. A subsidiary of the French banking giant BNP Paribas, which is publicly traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange, it is based in the United Kingdom. The Securities and Exchange Board of India regulates the activities of Sharekhan.

As a result of its parent company's banking experience and stock market listing, as well as its long track record and regulation by a top-tier regulator, Sharekhan is regarded safe.

Review: The mobile trading interface provided by Sharekhan is user-friendly and well-equipped.

The company provides some decent data to aid you in making trading selections, and its customer support team responds quickly and effectively to your questions.

Review: The stock and FX commissions charged by Sharekhan, on the other hand, are not very competitive in this sector, despite the fact that the company solely offers access to Indian markets. One of the disadvantages is that you can only make deposits and withdrawals through bank transfers.

Yet, Sharekhan does not impose a withdrawal cost or an inactivity fee; however, its stock and FX trading fees are not very competitive, and an account fee begins to accrue after the first year of use.

Review: While the trading costs imposed by Sharekhan may not appear to be exceptionally expensive when compared to other financial institutions throughout the world, they are much more than the fees paid by the company's closest competitors on the Indian market.

Review: Another drawback is that the cost structure is completely opaque and difficult to understand.

Review: According to Sharekhan's website, there is no formal information on costs, which is a somewhat uncommon practise among brokers.

Review: Obtaining this information may only be accomplished by contacting the customer care staff, or by creating an account, following which you will receive certain price paperwork.

It was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of BNP Paribas and is now known as Sharekhan. The longer a broker's track record has been in operation, the more evidence we have that the broker has successfully navigated through prior financial crises.

Because its parent business, BNP Paribas, has a banking history, it is subject to more stringent regulations than brokers.

Furthermore, BNP Paribas is a publicly traded company that is traded on the Euronext Paris stock market. Because the firm provides financial accounts on a regular and transparent basis, it is a significant positive in terms of security.

Review: The fact that Sharekhan has a parent business with a banking history and a stock exchange listing, as well as the fact that it has been in operation for a long time and is controlled by a top-tier financial body, are all excellent indicators of the firm's stability.

Sites like Sharekhan

Here is the list of brokers where Indians can trade Forex, Shares, CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum):

  • Olymp Trade - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Quora and Google Search user activity suggests that this one is gaining a lot of traction
  • Quotex - Picking up steam in India in terms of popularity. Also famous in the US.
  • OctaFX - OctaFX provides an entry-level, low-cost MetaTrader platform in addition to its social copy-trading platform.
  • Binance - Great for investing in cryptocurrencies and is also an exchange platform.
  • ExpertOption - Extensive instructional materials are made available by ExpertOption to its customers.
  • 5paisa - 5paisa Capital Ltd is a publicly-traded and professionally managed firm.
  • Kotak Securities Limited. - They have shown that they are deserving of the title of well-known and well renowned full-service brokerage business.
  • RoboForex - Users from a variety of various backgrounds may be guaranteed of a flawless trading experience.
  • VantageFX - Vantage completes its MetaTrader platform suite offering with support for numerous social trading platforms.
  • Capex - It has swiftly established a reputation for itself by providing an enormous variety of complicated trading tools.
  • PocketOption - Pocket Option is one of the most reputable binary options trading platforms.
  • ThinkMarkets - Multi-regulated broker that specialises in forex and contract for difference (CFD) trading.
  • Trader's Way - Trader's Way forex brand, is approved and controlled by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).
  • IQ Option - At the moment, this broker has more than 48 million registered users and processes more than a million transactions per day.
  • Karvy - It is one of the most well-known brokerage businesses in India, with its headquarters in Hyderabad.
  • Trading212 - It was founded in 2013 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • - An excellent choice for traders looking for a comprehensive and dependable online platform.
  • - A multi-award-winning worldwide investment broker that originated in the United Kingdom.
  • - A premium brand, it provides a robust infrastructure as well as cutting-edge software.
  • Alpari - One of the world's biggest forex brokerage firms.
  • iForex - A well-known forex and CFD broker that provides a wide range of tradable assets
  • Exness - Exness a legitimate company in terms of usability.
  • FP Markets - An Australian CFD and FX broker founded in 2005.
  • IC Markets - A top-tier broker for serious Forex traders, and it is regulated by financial regulators.
  • FBS -  Its brokerage platform provides access to worldwide markets.
  • XTB - This Polish broker is one of the largest publicly traded Forex and CFD brokers in the world.
  • Hugo's way - Registered in the Seychelles; it's a new player in the social trading arena.



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