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FBS Review: Is this broker legit, safe and trustworthy for Indians?

You may be a small-town shopkeeper, but you may also be a professional with huge ambitions.

Do you want to establish a name for yourself in the world of internet trading and investing goals? If you answered yes, it is now time to be ready for the finest online trading experience you have ever had.

Review: FBS, an online trading platform, is intended to allow for the trading of a wide variety of assets.

To get started with the greatest forex pairs, commodities, and other assets, one does not need an excessive amount of cash at their disposal.

This is because the brokerage firm of FBS provides optimal leverage and margin call.

Read the FBS review one-click trading and no dealing desk to find out more about the top forex broker site of the FBS trading platform available in the marketplace today.

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Review: Trading in CFDs and currencies is made possible through FBS's online brokerage platform, which provides access to worldwide markets.

Review: According to the company's customer agreement of the company reserves, FBS was established in 2009 and is governed by Tradestone Limited and secured by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which means that the broker is registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Review: In Belize, the Overseas Financial Services Commission (IFSC) regulates and oversees the operation of the FBS's international offices, which are managed by FBS Markets Inc. More than 17 million traders from 150 countries across the world are linked with FBS, which has its headquarters in Cyprus and operates as a transparent broker organization.

Review: Traders and investors in foreign currency, metals, oil, commodities, stock trades and shares, cryptocurrencies, and indices may do so using the MetaTrader platforms provided by the most popular forex company: FBS Brokerage Services. Continue reading to learn more about FBS's forex broker forum and other related topics.

Review: FC Barcelona is the official trade partner of the Football Club Barcelona. In addition to being a trade partner of FC Barcelona, the site is also a trading partner of Leicester City Football Club.

Review: The FBS non-dealing broker system, as well as the FBS copy trade applications, allow for the quick execution of trading orders on the open market. After completing the registration and login processes, the FBS website grants users access to two types of MetaTrader trading platforms (mt4 and mt5), which may be used for trading and investing in a wide range of assets.

Review: FBS's MetaTrader 4 broker is a well-regulated and technologically sophisticated platform. It is simple to download and install on the devices of the users. It is also available for free. The trader may need to access the MetaTrader 4 platform for a variety of reasons, including the following:Market execution of trading orders and copy trading may be done in a single click.

  • Trading conditions may be tracked using an incredible number of charting tools and technical indicators, which are readily available.

  • Easy access to Expert Advisors (EAs) for auto trading capabilities and automated copy trading in financial markets is available.

  • Through the platform's mobile apps, traders and investors may execute trading and investment orders on the move.

  • The availability of VPS (Virtual Private Server) trading support for FBS clients is also noted.

  • The MetaTrader 4 Multi Terminal is available at the foreign offices of FBS, allowing clients to manage many live trading accounts at the same time from a single location.


Review: The MetaTrader 5 trading platform has just been connected with the FBS website with the goal of diversifying the portfolios of registered investors, according to the company. mt4 and mt5 are two different trading platforms. MetaTrader 5 is an improved version of MT4 that provides all of the services of the latter as well as extra features, which are described below:Netting and hedging opportunities are available on the trading platforms of FBS.

Review: Technical indicators and methods for projecting accurate trading conditions, notwithstanding the hazards involved, are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Review: Accessibility to a greater diversity of order varieties as well as a larger range of periods for copy trading is provided.

Review: Both MetaTrader platforms may be accessed immediately from the FBS website, without the need for any further downloads or installation on your computer. The services provided by the MT4 and MT5 platforms are interoperable with every operating system on the market today.

Review: In order to facilitate trading in a wide range of financial assets, the FBS provides users with seamless access to an enormous diversity marketplaces. FBS is available in several languages.

The following are the marketplaces that are available for trade and investment:

Forex: The finest forex markets provide 28 regular international currency pairs and 16 unusual currency pairings in addition to the most popular currency pairs.

WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil are examples of energy commodities.

Precious metals are represented by four different metals.

Indexes: Cash-based indices that are traded on the NASDAQ and other international stock exchanges.

Stocks and shares: 40 publicly traded firm stocks from the United States, 30 from Germany, and 30 from the United Kingdom.

Review:  FBS allows traders to perform trading expenses and investment in digital currencies using the online Personal area and the FBS Trader App, which are both available for download. Trade 35 cryptocurrency pairings against other cryptocurrencies or fiat cash can be conducted directly between the consumers and the payment provider.

Review: The spreads available on the FBS trading platform vary depending on the user's geographic location and the type of trading account they have. User's are supplied with a set spread for the EUR USD pairing, with the Micro Account providing 3.0 pips of spread, the ECN and Zero FBS Accounts providing 0.01 pip of spread, and the Standard and Cent Accounts providing 1.1 pip of spread.

Review: In the European Union, the identical spread amount is reduced to 0.7 pips for the Cent and Standard Accounts, respectively.

Review: According to this FBS review, the spreads are rather competitive when compared to the Zero and ECN Accounts, which is good news.

Review: The worldwide offices of FBS levy a set commission price of USD 6 per lot at the ECN Account and USD 20 per lot at the Zero Account, with the ECN Account being the most expensive. There is a USD 25 fee for CFD trading and a USD 3 fee for dealing in stocks and shares at the offices. Opening and closing positions in digital currencies on cryptocurrency exchanges are subject to a minimal commission cost of 0.05 percent, which is charged by crypto brokers.

Review: The trading platform of FBS charges a USD 5 cancellation cost for each transaction that is performed on the basis of price latency, in addition to an FBS overnight fee of USD 5. A monthly penalty cost of USD 5 is charged if a trading account is inactive for more than 180 days. This is one of the ways in which FBS profits from the transaction by charging a penalty fee.

Review: For the time being, the FBS trade platform is giving a number of appealing bonuses and promotions to new and existing customers. The Level Up bonus offer is by far the most popular promotion at FBS. A forex trading account must be opened by the user in order to be eligible for the USD 70 level-up incentive.

Review: By utilizing the FBS Personal Area app, the platform allows the user to raise the amount of the Level up bonus account offer, which may be as much as USD 140 in value. If you want to take advantage of broker offers, it is recommended that you properly review the bonus account settings, claim description, broker terms, and conditions.

Review: Account kinds are available to clients of the FBS online forex broker platform, which allows them to choose from a variety of options. The Cent and Standard Accounts are available to traders in the European Union region. Users may open ECN, Zero Spread, and Micro Accounts with the FBS through their foreign offices.

Review: The order volume of trading is the same for all genuine accounts, regardless of the kind of account. In contrast to the other account types that employ STP, ECN Account customers do not have a trading limit on their account balance. From the FBS review, it appears that consumers merely need to make bigger minimum deposits in order to move up to a higher account tier and receive access to more competitive trading conditions.

Review: For those interested in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, FBS offers a specialized Islamic trading and investment account. With the aid of an array of trading tools, broker trading options, and complicated trading indicators, the digital investors who have registered with FBS are able to open or close positions on the most prominent crypto tokens. When trading in crypto assets, the highest leverage available is 5:1. This leverage is available in conjunction with a variety of crypto trading options provided by the crypto brokers of FBS.

Review: The Standard and Cent Accounts at FBS provide traders with the ability to practice trading in a wide range of assets. It was found in the FBS review that the platforms of mt4 and mt5 also allow users to conduct virtual trades, in contrast to other trading platforms that only give access to virtual trades through their proprietary platforms for demo Islamic account trading.

Review: When it comes to creating trading techniques and styles before entering the actual markets, the trade demo account is the best option.

Review: Leveraged trading is permitted by the best forex broker on the basis of the branch region of the office and the user's account with the broker. Users of the Cent and Standard accounts in the EU area have the ability to trade with a maximum leverage of up to 30:1 on their orders.

Review: Trades can be executed with a leverage ratio of up to 500:1 through the ECN Account, 1000:1 through the Cent Account, and 3000:1 through the other types of Accounts in locations outside of Europe. Users' trading positions are automatically closed if the required margin is not met (40 percent or less). If the required margin is not met, the platform is authorized to liquidate their trading positions.

Review: The amount of the first deposit differs for each user depending on their trading location and the type of account and payment provider they choose. The FBS EU office requires a minimum deposit of USD 100 for the Standard Account and a deposit of USD 10 for the Cent Account before opening an account. In the foreign offices of FBS, users can make a minimum deposit of USD 1000, USD 500, USD 100, USD 5, and USD 1 for the ECN, Zero Spread, Standard, Micro, and Cent Accounts, as well as for the Standard, Micro, and Cent Accounts.

Review: The FBS website allows customers to deposit and withdraw funds via a variety of easy payment methods, including bank transfers, e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, and VISA. The bank transfer payment mechanism is only available to users who are located within the European Union's borders.

Review: Because the payment processor handles every type of transaction, the transactions are completed in practically real time. The deposit and withdrawal procedures, on the other hand, require at least 48 hours for confirmation when using a bank transfer as a payment method. Withdrawals from the overseas offices are subject to a transaction fee charged by the platform. It is possible that consumers may be required to produce government-issued identification verification documents when withdrawing monies from traders in large sums.

Review: Using the FBS mobile app, users may access the feature-rich platform on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as on desktop computers. In addition to being compatible with any operating system, the FBS copy trading app is also accessible in the app stores for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. The software is only available on iOS devices outside of the European Union region. With its fluid and straightforward layout, the mobile application provides access to top FBS trading tools and statistics information that are updated in real time, as well as consistent trading circumstances.

Review: Clients of FBS, a Cyprus-based organization, may expect a safe and secure trading environment from the company. The platform is controlled by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, while the overseas branches are governed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The Financial Services Commission of South Africa (FSCA) protects FBS, while the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) oversees the worldwide operations.

Review: Several unique services are provided by the analysis portion of the FBS-based online brokerage platform, which are described below: The latest news and headlines from the world's greatest currency market.

In addition to weekly insight reports, educational films, and trading techniques, an FBS side Forex trading TV will be broadcasted for the telecast.

Review: Beyond the greatest forex analysis section, FBS provides traders with an economic calendar and forex calculators to help them make money from their trading and investing in foreign exchange. Aside from that, traders have access to the most comprehensive educational content available, which includes webinars, training materials, tutorials, e-books, and mentorship sessions that teach them all of the essential functionality for informative reasons, as well as other resources.

Review: Trading in CFDs and currencies is made possible through FBS's online brokerage platform, which provides access to worldwide markets. According to the company's customer agreement of the company reserves, FBS was established in 2009 and is governed by Tradestone Limited and secured by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which means that the broker is registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Review: In Belize, the Overseas Financial Services Commission (IFSC) regulates and oversees the operation of the FBS's international offices, which are managed by FBS Markets Inc. More than 17 million traders from 150 countries across the world are linked with FBS, which has its headquarters in Cyprus and operates as a transparent broker organization.

Review: Traders and investors in foreign currency, metals, oil, commodities, stock trades and shares, cryptocurrencies, and indices may do so using the MetaTrader platforms provided by the most popular forex company: FBS Brokerage Services. Continue reading to learn more about FBS's forex broker forum and other related topics.

Review: FC Barcelona is the official trade partner of the Football Club Barcelona. In addition to being a trade partner of FC Barcelona, the site is also a trading partner of Leicester City Football Club. The following are the key characteristics of the FBS trading platform, summarized as follows:The FBS non-dealing broker system, as well as the FBS copy trade applications, allow for the quick execution of trading orders on the open market. After completing the registration and login processes, the FBS website grants users access to two types of MetaTrader trading platforms (mt4 and mt5), which may be used for trading and investing in a wide range of assets.

Review: FBS's MetaTrader 4 broker is a well-regulated and technologically sophisticated platform. It is simple to download and install on the devices of the users. It is also available for free. The trader may need to access the MetaTrader 4 platform for a variety of reasons, including the following:Market execution of trading orders and copy trading may be done in a single click.

  • Trading conditions may be tracked using an incredible number of charting tools and technical indicators, which are readily available.

  • Easy access to Expert Advisors (EAs) for auto trading capabilities and automated copy trading in financial markets is available.

  • Through the platform's mobile apps, traders and investors may execute trading and investment orders on the move.

  • The availability of VPS (Virtual Private Server) trading support for FBS clients is also noted.

  • The MetaTrader 4 Multi Terminal is available at the foreign offices of FBS, allowing clients to manage many live trading accounts at the same time from a single location.

  • BS are quite minimal. For customers residing in the European Union, the trading options are quite limited.

  • The traders are offered the ability to engage in leveraged trading up to a maximum of 1:3000 in their own favor.

  • In nations such as the United States, Japan, Canada, and Israel, service is prohibited.

  • FBS provides a plethora of enticing deposit bonuses and promotional deals.

  • There is a diverse selection of account kinds available, each tailored to meet the specific requirements of traders.

  • The traders have access to a multitude of instructional information through the site.

  • Customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Review: Are you ready to begin social trading? Do you have what it takes? If you answered yes, then follow the procedures outlined below to create a personal account on the FBS platform: To register a personal account with FBS, new traders must first visit the company's official website and then click on the Open account option on the home page.

Review: Fill out the registration form with your name and email address, and then click on the Register As A Trader button to complete the process.

  • It is important for new traders to present government-issued identification proof papers for KYC verification in order to complete their registration successfully.

  • Verify the email address and then make fast deposits into the real account to complete the verification process.

  • New traders are now able to begin trading and investing, as well as withdrawing funds from their spreads account.


Review: The top forex broker allows traders to open a variety of various sorts of accounts based on their geographic location and financial resources. The following are some of the features available on the various broker accounts offered by other brokers:For experienced forex traders and investors who are looking to make more money from the foreign exchange market, this account type is the best option.

Review: The spreads are competitive, and the forex brokers do not impose a commission fee on any transactions. The Standard Account of FBS broker allows traders to engage in leveraged trading up to 1:3000 and to take advantage of enticing incentives.

Review: Forex, energies, equities, precious metals, and indices are some of the trading instruments that are available through this Account. In addition, one may establish a Standard Account on the MetaTrader platforms and practice trading on a free demo account while doing so.

Review: The Cent Account of FBS allows new traders to get started in forex trading or copy trading by opening a trading account with them. To begin low-risk trading in the markets, consumers just need to make an initial deposit of one dollar (USD).

Review: The Cent Account displays the account's beginning balance in cents, as opposed to dollars. It is advised to customers that they test their new trading technique and swing approach on a Cent Account before attempting to trade in the real market with larger quantities of money on their main account.

Review: Small lot sizes are allowed up to a maximum leverage of 1:1000 on the account, allowing traders to perform trading activities. The Cent Account may be used to trade in a variety of different assets.

Review: It is suggested for traders who wish to keep track of their daily gains to open a Micro Account. A range of extremely complex trading tools and calculators are available to traders, including the Trader's Calculator, which allows them to estimate the profitability of trading transactions.

Review: A small initial deposit of only USD 5 is required, followed by verification of the account, before one can begin social trading and investing in assets.

Review: Users sign up for the Micro Account in order to be eligible for a slew of lucrative bonus packages and promotions, which include Cashback, Level Up bonuses, and a 100 percent Deposit Fees Bonus, among others.

Review: With a spread of 3 pips and a leverage of up to 3000:1, utilizing the Micro Account is excellent for traders who are just starting out and want to master trading methods while incurring the least amount of losses possible.

Review: The Zero Spread Account is designed for traders that enjoy opening and closing trading positions as quickly as possible in order to reap rapid profits. In addition, there are no spreads involved in the trading sessions, which is a significant advantage of this account. Trading with a Zero Spread Account enables traders to maximize their profits while also making precise forecasts about their future income from the financial markets.

Review: Despite the fact that there are no spreads for trading, Account holders are paid a commission fee of USD 20 for each lot of trade executed. This Account is suggested for customers who wish to engage in high-speed trading by holding a maximum of 200 pending orders and open positions at the same time on a single trading platform.

Review: Trades in exotic foreign exchange currencies, precious metals, and international base currency pairings are permitted for traders who use the appropriate broker, FBS copytrade, who will also receive a Level Up bonus and a 100 percent Deposit bonus.

Review: Trading with electronic communication networks (ECNs) is a highly advanced and strategic approach to making money in the markets. ECN accounts allow customers to engage in direct buying and selling of assets, rather than relying on a broker to facilitate the transaction.

Review: Because the minimum deposit fee required to open an ECN Account is USD 1000, this Account is recommended for those who have a substantial amount of capital at their disposal, such as institutional investors.

Review: This Account provides traders with the advantage of having their market orders executed as quickly as possible.

Review: Additionally, ECN Account features offer traders with relatively low spreads starting with only 1 pip, access to a wide number of liquidity providers for trading, and immediate access to the finest market quotations without any wait, among other benefits.

Review: The ECN Account also enables customers to place an unlimited number of trade orders and to hold several open positions at the same time on a single platform. In addition to offering attractive spreads, the Account levies a commission fee of USD 6.

Review: Investors interested in trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies at competitive spreads can consider opening a Crypto Account with FBS. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins with a floating spread of one pip when using the Bitfinex platform.

Review: More than a hundred financial products are available for trading and investing on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Review: Cryptocurrency trading is made possible by FBS broker, which offers low spreads and fixed leverage of 1:5, as well as numerous convenient deposit methods.

Review: With a variety of tools and technology, traders may successfully conduct their business with the help of an FBS broker. The traders not only have access to market data for technical and fundamental analysis, but they also have access to specialized tools, which are as follows:- Technical and fundamental analysis data The forex calendar, which is also known as the forex trading calendar, is used to conduct fundamental and technical analysis of the forex markets and currency pairs on the basis of market events.

Review: The economic calendar, which is updated in real time and automatically, provides traders with a visual representation of macroeconomic events that have an impact on the market and asset values. The US Treasury Yield Curve, GDP, interest rates, and the unemployment rate are among the most important economic indicators.

Review: Economic events occur nearly on a daily basis, and the sheer volume of them is daunting.

Review: Because of the use of relevant filters, the FBS broker's economic calendar reduces the amount of information displayed to the most recent and particular events, rather than presenting the whole calendar.

Review: To utilize the economic calendar, first choose your time zone, and then move around the financial markets using the numeric indicators to keep track of the changes. To make wise business decisions, it is necessary to compare the statistics of the Actual, Previous, and Forecast values provided in the economic calendar.

Review: It is possible to calculate foreign currency rates using the Currency Convertor of the FBS broker, which is available online as a copy trading application. Trading professionals use the Currency Converter to convert one foreign currency value into another, and then examine the related value in order to make informed trading decisions in the forex market.

Review: This financial instrument requires the FBS trader to input the amount of money to be converted as well as the two currencies to be converted in different columns in order to achieve the final outcome of the transaction. The Currency Converter's exchange rates are updated in real time, so there is no need to use a broker to exchange currencies. The program obtains the most recent statistics from the mt4 and mt5 platforms and automatically refreshes the charts. It also keeps track of the history of exchange rates over the course of a month, which is useful for traders who are trying to figure out how asset prices are trending.

Review: The Currency Calculator is a useful tool for estimating the possible profitability of a forex trading choice in a quick and accessible fashion. In addition, the traders may utilize the calculators to deal with erratic market circumstances prior to initiating a position in the forex market.

Review: The Forex Calculator, also known as the Trader's Calculator, is a tool that assists traders in comparing trading criteria in order to choose the most appropriate account type at FBS broker based on their trading requirements. In order to utilize the calculator for forex trading, the trader must first select the account type, trading instrument, lot size, major currency pairs to be traded, leverage rate, ask price, and bid price from the drop-down menu.

Review: FBS, a registered broker, allows consumers to trade with high leverage depending on the type of account they have with the company.

Review: Fees for deposits made using Sticpay include a 2.5 percent charge as well as USD 0.3 for each deposit made. Making minimal deposits through VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, and Local Exchanges will not result in any deposit money fees being charged to the customer.

Review: Users must pay a commission charge, as well as withdrawal fees, in order to request withdrawals from their accounts. The commission cost for a VISA withdrawal is one dollar, but the commission price for a Neteller withdrawal is two percent, with the fee ranging between one dollar and thirty dollars.

Review: Users of Sticpay are required to pay a 2.5 percent commission charge, as well as a USD 0.3 cost, if they wish to withdraw their funds within 15-20 minutes. When withdrawing funds from a client's account using Skrill, the commission is merely 1 percent, and the cost is USD 0.32. When using the same technique, the withdrawal cost is equal to 0.5 percent of commission fees charged to the investor compensation fund.

Review: According to an FBS review, one may make deposits using a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and money exchangers, among other options. Amounts deposited as a bare minimum vary depending on the kind of Account, but are often between USD 1 and USD 1000.

Review: To deposit funds into an account for trading using the FBS MetaTrader platforms (mt4 and mt5), one must log into the Personal Area of the FBS website and navigate to the Financial Operations area of the Personal Area. The site accepts deposits in EUR USD currencies by wire transfer, VISA, Neteller, Sticpay, Skrill, Perfect Money, and local exchanges, as well as through other payment methods.

Review: To withdraw monies from one's platform account, one can use a bank transfer, bank cards, or e-wallets, depending on the method chosen. Refunds are received by bank transfer within 7-10 days, whilst refunds are received via credit or debit cards within 3-4 days. Withdrawals made with e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill take less than half an hour, making them the fastest method of withdrawal.

Review: In addition to wire transfers, the site now supports withdrawals in USD or EUR currencies using a variety of methods including VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, and local currency exchanges.

Review: FBS offers a variety of appealing perks and promotions to both new and returning customers. Click here to see the full list. The following are the bonuses and promos that are presently available:Every order placed by the traders on the platform results in a cashback benefit being awarded to them. To get extra cashback, make sure to activate the Cashback reward at every level. The traders are also given with spreads of up to 20% to enable them to make a profit while dealing in assets.

Review: Sign up with FBS and make a deposit of USD 100 into your FBS Trader account to check out the Free bonus account for 30 days.

Review: The Quick Start Bonus program, in addition to providing the deal, also functions as a seven-step training program for new employees.

Review: To obtain the compensation bonus, you must trade with the total bonus amount using the Standard Account.

Make a deposit of at least USD 100 to join in on the fun of the FBS Trader Parties. Trade in normal lots and you may win big prizes such as a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro, a Super Prize, and other valuable items.

Review: FBS aspires to fulfill the desires of traders by offering them the opportunity to win luxury automobiles from the most prestigious brands by participating in promotional trading contests and other activities.

Review: Maintain a regular trading schedule and keep your account active in order to qualify for a spot in the brokerage platform's big Loyalty Program. A variety of cashbacks, deposit bonuses, and other incentives are offered to FBS's long-term traders and investors in exchange for their loyalty.

Review: Financial brokers (FBs) provide advanced trading tools and complicated instruments, such as an economic calendar, a forex calculator, trade signals from liquidity providers, a trade currency converter, technical analysis indicators, and trade charting tools, among other things.

Review: Forex news, daily market analysis, weekly insights, Forex TV, and VIP Analytics are all part of the market analytics package. The educational content includes a Forex handbook, trading tips, Webinars, video tutorials, seminars, and a glossary of financial terminology.

Review: The platform of FBS has a profitable trading Referral Program in place, which is available to all users. It is possible for FBS members to participate in the Referral Program by inviting more users to the site. The user receives a USD 15 trade bonus incentive in their account for each buddy who joins through their referral link.

Review: In order to obtain the referral bonus, the user merely needs to forward the link to the FBS website to their friends and then wait for their friends to sign up with the platform. In order to qualify for the Referral Program, the invited user must make at least three medium-sized investments in a variety of different trades. In addition, the invited user will earn USD 5 in compensation for making customer investments through the Cyprus investing company.

Review: FBS's mobile trading platform includes a Mobile Personal Area that can be downloaded and installed on any mobile device that has a web browser. Forex traders may use the FBS trader app to obtain access to new data centers, expert advise with a high level of reliability, broker forex guidebooks, personal data, and company statistics while on the road when trading forex on their smartphones or tablets.

Review: User accounts may be established for real and demo ECN accounts, as well as for other accounts, and mobile notifications can be used to keep track of trading activities in the accessible markets on the FBS mobile trading platform. User dashboards allow customers to track their progress and manage a number of swap-free accounts at the same time. Download the app from the app store and begin trading and investing while on the move!

Review: In accordance with the FBS review, the regulatory compliance of the FBS trade forex broker platform with the license organizations offers the maximum level of protection for FBS clients against the possibility of fraudulent conduct being detected. Members of FBS's worldwide broker site are required to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation during the registration process and to adhere to AML requirements in order to avoid falling victim to financial frauds.

Review: Using two-factor authentication, the FBS international forex broker website ensures that the personal information of its users is kept strictly secret at all times. Money is also kept safe on the network through the use of segregated accounts. The segregated account protects the client's funds from being used in unscrupulous business operations. Overall, the international broker site of FBS is quite secure, and consumers may trade with confidence at all times on the site.

Review: According to several online FBS evaluations and our own research, we can conclude that customer assistance is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week through live chat and telephone at the ECN broker site of the FBS platform. For those who want to contact the customer support team over the phone, they may submit a request for the finest customer service over call back by providing their phone number in the box on the proprietary trading platform.

Review: Live chat support is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the ECN broker's website for assistance with urgent concerns. While trading stocks or participating in mobile trading sessions, you can also send an email to support to get in touch with the customer support staff or the VPS service support at the top forex broker site. User assistance is provided via the broker platform, which allows them to resolve any doubts on their own, resulting in a speedier turnaround time.

Review: It is clear from the in-depth FBS review that the brokerage firm is well-suited for traders who are interested in trading assets as well as investing in a wide range of other financial instruments. Gain access to a plethora of worldwide marketplaces and engage in automated trading to generate substantial earnings for your business.

Review: FBS's mobile app allows you to take advantage of the high leverage and margins available to you while trading on the move.

Review: What distinguishes FBS from the competition in the forex sector is the excellent quality of training information and the wide range of trade types available to FBS traders of varying levels of experience.

Review: However, there are certain changes that should be made, such as the addition of new trading instruments and the elimination of geo-blocking limitations. Despite this, the FBS brokerage firm is highly recommended for both beginning and experienced traders, alike.

Review: Is the FBS governed by any laws? Yes. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) regulate the chosen FBS broker.

Review: Is FBS a legitimate company? By strictly adhering to the regulatory limits of the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission IFSC) of Belize, FBS provides a lawful environment for traders and investors across the world. FBS services clients from all over the world.

Review: Is it Possible to Put Your Trust in FBS? FBS is a transparent forex broker that is 100 percent dependable and trusted by its clients. FBS is a member of the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Its IFSC registration number 119717 may be verified.

Review: Is FBS a reputable brokerage firm? Yes. It is the responsibility of FBS Markets Inc. to oversee the operation of the regulation FBS site, which is supported by a trustworthy and transparent team of brokers.

Review: Is Financial Brokerage Services (FBS) regulated in South Africa? Yes. FBS accounts in South Africa are governed by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority), which oversees the financial sector.

Review: Can you tell me how long it takes to withdraw from FBS? Withdrawal requests made by quick transfer via banks take a few days to process, however withdrawal requests made using e-wallets take less than an hour to be processed.

Review: FBS is a beginner-friendly broker that offers a wide selection of markets as well as affordable commissions. A number of different account types are available for use with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and the FBS Trader mobile application. Our evaluation is based on a live Standard Account, which was established with Tradestone Ltd and is utilizing the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. The FBS has a European division. (

Review: FBS, which was established in 2009, is a global broker that specializes in forex and contract for difference (CFD) trading. Football Business Solutions (FBS) is an official primary partner of Leicester City Football Club, as well as an official trade partner of Barcelona Football Club.

Review: Takeaways from the FBS

  • Trust and stability were among the factors considered as we evaluated FBS across nine categories (fees; tradable instruments; account types; deposit/withdrawal; research; customer support; education; platform and tools).

  • FBS performed admirably in the categories of trust, education, and platform and tools, among others.

  • FBS was rated highly in all categories, indicating that it is a well-rounded broker.

  • FBS is regulated by CySEC in the European Union and ASIC in Australia, respectively. Trading in the countries of these top-tier regulators is characterized by a high level of safety and security.

  • Spreads on certain popular trading instruments are competitive at FBS, whereas spreads on others are not. Spreads of less than one pip in pairings such as the EUR/USD lower expenses, which is particularly crucial for active traders.

  • FBS is a beginner-friendly broker that offers a unique account type for beginning traders as well as a wealth of training resources.


Review: Experiential traders may find FBS to be a viable option because of its competitive spreads in specific instruments and the superior platform features provided by MetaTrader.

Review: Keep a watch out for overnight (swap) costs, which may add up to a significant amount of money over the course of a year. As a result of the relatively broad spreads on some instruments, such as the Dow Jones Index (DJ30), it is more expensive to enter and exit positions, making it more difficult for short term traders to earn a profit.

For example, the 'Cent Account' type, which allows newcomers to trade in the live market while assuming the smallest amount of risk, is available on FBS' website. A progressive approach to pricing is taken by this broker as well, with reduced inactivity costs and no withdrawal fees, even when withdrawing funds through bank wire.

Review: Traders who are new to the markets can benefit from FBS's strength in the areas of education, research, and customer service. With the help of features like as algorithmic trading, it may also serve the needs of more sophisticated investors.

Review: FBS is licensed by a number of top-tier regulatory authorities across the world, and the company has a long history of operations. We determined that this mid-sized broker has an above-average level of trustworthiness when compared to the rest of the industry.

Review: In our area of trust, we lay the most emphasis on the manner in which a broker is regulated. So let's take a look at how the various entities of FBS throughout the world are regulated, and how this affects you as a trader as a result. Regulations are rated on a scale of one to three, with one being the highest level of trust.

Review: The following are the different entities that fall within the purview of FBS:

  • Licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 331/17, Tradestone Ltd. is regarded as a Tier 1 regulator by us.

  • We consider the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to be a Tier 1 regulator. FBS Oceania is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) under license number 426359.


Review: Tradestone SA (PTY) Ltd. is a financial services provider (FSP) authorized by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa under the FSP number 50885. The Financial Services Commission of America (FSCA) is rated as a Tier 2 regulator.

Review: It is governed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize under Registration No. 119717. The IFSC is a Tier 3 regulator in our opinion.

Review: Different levels of protection are provided by different regulatory agencies. Clients of FBS in the European Union and Australia benefit from segregated accounts, which are required by CySEC and ASIC, respectively. This implies that the money of the customer are not confused with the funds of the broker's operational account. If a broker becomes insolvent and files for bankruptcy, customers' monies are protected since they are housed in separate accounts. FBS clients in the EU and Australia also benefit from negative balance protection, which means that they cannot lose more money than they have put up as a deposit.

Review: Customers outside of Europe, Australia, and South Africa are sent to the FBS Markets Inc. business, which is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize and does not provide the same level of protection.

Review: When trading with the FBS Markets Inc. company, for example, customer accounts are not isolated from one another.

Review: For the trust category, we look at a variety of characteristics, including how long the broker has been in business, the size of the organization, and how open the broker is with their clients.

Review: According to their website, FBS was established in 2009 and has a significant operational history as well as a client base that numbers in the millions. The number of workers listed on the company's LinkedIn profile ranges from 201 to 500, which is consistent with a mid-sized brokerage firm.

Review: Having financial reporting regulations in place makes it simpler to determine the stability of a publicly listed firm at any one point in time. Given that FBS is not a publicly listed corporation, there is less transparency regarding the firm's financial condition.

Review: Based on our examination of the FBS website ( and social media presence, we concluded that this broker provides an appropriate amount of openness in regards to its fees, regulatory status, and general business history. The information and papers were well set up and easy to access when I went to the meeting. On their Regulation and Licensing page, you can see what they are up to in terms of regulatory compliance. The Client Agreement/Terms and Conditions, which may be found on the Legal Documents page, contains all of the information pertaining to fees.

Review: FBS provides attractive spreads on key currency pairings, as well as lower non-trading fees than the industry norm. When it came to other trading instruments, such as commodities and indices, spreads were less competitive.

Review: FBS is a market maker and a broker with a trading desk. They are taking the opposing side of their client's transactions, and trading costs are factored into the spread as part of the transaction.

Review: It is defined as the difference between the bid (sell) price and the ask (buy) price of an underlying security. The ability to join and leave the market at a lesser cost is made possible by narrower spreads, which is especially essential for active traders. During the month of November in the year 2021, tests were carried out on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Review: In our tests, spread charges for major currency pairings such as the EUR/USD were higher than average, while overnight swap fees were in the middle of the pack.

Review: For accounts that have been inactive for 180 calendar days, FBS charges a minor inactivity fee of 5 EUR per month per account.

Review: Spreads in major currency pairings such as the EUR/USD are competitive, but spreads in other pairs such as the GBP/JPY are ordinary. The spreads on commodities and equities range from ordinary to above average in terms of profitability. Spreads were relatively wide in several indexes, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Please keep in mind that the spreads on a basic account are the same as those in a pro account.

In our tests, FBS's swap costs (the cost of keeping a position overnight) were around average compared to the industry.

Review: The Swap Long (the cost/credit of keeping a purchase position overnight) and the Swap Short (the cost/credit of maintaining a sell position overnight) for a single full-sized contract are shown in the table below. One hundred thousand thousand units of the base currency constitute a full-sized contract (the first currency quoted in the pair).

Review: FBS charges no fees for deposits or withdrawals, and its inactivity cost is only $5. This signaled to us that we should take a more progressive and customer-centric approach to pricing in this area of the business.

We found that FBS's fees ranged from ordinary to competitive in several circumstances when compared to the rest of the CFD sector.

Review: Foreign exchange and CFDs on equities, stock indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies are among the markets covered by FBS. While they provide a broad selection of instruments, the depth of their offering in each asset class does not compare well with that of the CFD industry's top performers.

Review: Trading CFDs, also known as contract for differences, is a financial derivative instrument that allows traders to bet on the performance of multiple markets without actually holding the underlying assets. CFDs are among the instruments available for trading at FBS, and they include the following: There are 43 different currency pairs. A currency pair is a combination of two separate currencies in which the value of one currency is stated in relation to the value of the other. Take, for example, the EUR/USD currency pair, which indicates the value of the euro expressed in dollars.

Commodities number five. Commodities are raw materials such as gold and oil, for example.

Review: There are 99 stocks. CFD trading in worldwide stocks is available through FBS, with exchanges ranging from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to the Deutsche Börse Xetra as trading venues.

Review: A stock is a financial instrument that reflects a portion of a corporation's ownership. Please keep in mind that when you trade stock CFDs, you are gambling on the price of a stock rather than purchasing an actual piece of the underlying asset (stock).

Review: There are 11 stock indices. The products available at FBS span from Australian stock indexes to German market indices. A stock index is a collection of stocks that is used to measure the performance of a market sector, individual stocks on a stock exchange, or the economy of a country.

There are 17 different cryptocurrencies. In the case of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are digital currency that are protected through the use of encryption.

In spite of the fact that a wide range of markets are available, some assets such as bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are not among them. Generally speaking, the breadth of tradable instruments available at FBS is superior to the industry average.

Review: When you open an account with FBS, the process is simple and can be completed online in less than 10 minutes. Standard, Cent, and Crypto are the three major account types offered by FBS.

Review: Creating an account with FBS is simple, and the entire procedure is done digitally. Following confirmation of your email, you will be able to select the version of MetaTrader (4 or 5) you want to use, as well as the base currency for your account (USD or EUR).

Review: If you are registering for an account from within the European Union, you will be required to complete a quick KYC (Know Your Customer) survey after completing the registration process. The goal of Know Your Customer (KYC) is to guarantee that brokers understand their clients' risk tolerance, investing knowledge, and financial situation.

Let’s take a deeper look at the main account categories accessible at FBS: Standard, Cent and Crypto.

Review: The Standard Account is suited for traders with some expertise while the Cent Account is targeted at novices who wish to trade real dollars without incurring much risk. Your balance is shown in cents when you have a Cent Account, and traders can place orders with a minimum volume of 0.01. The Crypto account is only dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, and it can only be accessed through the FBS Trader smartphone application.

Review: The option of upgrading to professional status is available for both Standard and Cent accounts. Professional traders must satisfy a variety of standards in order to be considered for the position of professional trader.

Review: One of the reasons why traders are drawn to the forex and CFD markets is the large amount of leverage that is offered. Using leverage to enhance the size of your trading positions beyond what would be achievable if you simply used the cash in your account is defined as follows: Standard and Cent accounts have a leverage of 1:30, however traders who have been classified as professionals have access to leverage of 1:500 or more. An investor who uses 1:30 leverage may manage $30,000 worth of market exposure with a $1000 investment. As a qualified professional with access to 1:500 leverage, a trader may manage $500,000 worth of market exposure with just $1,000.

Review: The available leverage for the Crypto account is much lower, at 1:2. This implies that a trader can only manage a total of $2,000 worth of positions in the market with a $1,000 investment.

Review: Leverage is frequently referred to as a 'double-edged sword' since it has the potential to magnify both your earnings and losses at the same time. When it comes to trading, leveraged positions have a high level of risk and can result in big losses.

Review: A demo account, which allows users to practice trading with virtual funds, is also available through FBS, as are swap-free Islamic accounts, which comply to the norms of Sharia law.

For example, FBS accepts clients from the following countries: Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; the Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; the Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; and the United Kingdom.

Review: There are certain countries that they do not accept clients from: the United States; Japan; South Korea; Cuba; Iran; North Korea; Libya; Somalia; Syria; Sudan; Myanmar; Yemen; and others.

Review: Deposits and withdrawals at FBS are completely free, even if you use a bank wire to do them. Payments may be made using industry-standard deposit and withdrawal methods, with processing times that are on par with the industry norm.

Review: FBS does better than most rivals by not collecting transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals. In most cases, consumers receive their funds within 24 hours of making an electronic payment system transaction. A wire transfer can take up to 48 hours to process, and it can take a total of 5-7 business days for cash to be available in your account after the transfer has been completed.

Review: Deposits are completely free at FBS, and the following ways of account funding are accessible. Unless you choose to transfer funds via wire transfer, which takes 3-4 business days, funds are available immediately. Keep in mind that banks often charge a fee for transferring wire transfers outside of their own country.

The charting capabilities are extensive. The following features are available on the MetaTrader 5 desktop:

There are a total of 38 technical indicators. Classic trend indicators, volume indicators, and oscillators are examples of this type of indicator.

There are 44 analytical items. Lines, channels, Gann, and Fibonacci tools are among the tools available.

a total of 21 time frames Each instrument may be presented in nine different time frames, ranging from one minute to one year.

There are three different chart kinds. Traders have a choice of three types of charts: bar charts, Japanese candlestick charts, or line charts.

Review: MetaTrader is especially popular because of its copy trading and automated trading features, which are both available on the platform.

Review: Trading signals are a type of signal that tells you when to buy or sell something. Signals in MetaTrader 4 allow users to imitate the activity of other traders in real time, without having to manually copy their own activity.

Review: Trading that is automated. Developing, testing, and deploying Expert Advisors is made possible through MetaTrader 4. (EAs). EAs are computer programs that monitor and trade the markets based on mathematical calculations. They look for opportunities based on predefined parameters and then either create a notification or automatically open a trade as a result.

Review: To summarize, the MetaTrader 5 desktop platform is one of the most feature-rich and widely used trading platforms available anywhere in the globe. It does not have the most visually appealing interface, and it does take some time and effort to become familiar with it, but this is typical of complex systems in general.

Review: FBS provides mobile applications for MetaTrader 4 and 5, as well as its own unique FBS Trader mobile application.

Review: When we tested FBS, we were glad to see that the spreads on certain popular trading instruments, such as the EUR/USD, were better than average. When trading other instruments, the spreads are sometimes rather large, making it more difficult to earn money day trading such markets.

Review: This broker has gone above and beyond with their educational resources, which include everything from courses to live webinars – a godsend for those who are just getting started in the trading world. The renowned MetaTrader platform has a plethora of features. In contrast to other competing platforms, it is less intuitive than others, and it can be difficult to master for those who are just getting started. The overall package provided by FBS is comprehensive. They could improve their performance even further by including proprietary web and desktop platforms in their toolkit.

Sites like FBS

Here is the list of brokers where Indians can trade Forex, Shares, CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum):

  • Olymp Trade - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Quora and Google Search user activity suggests that this one is gaining a lot of traction
  • Quotex - Picking up steam in India in terms of popularity. Also famous in the US.
  • OctaFX - OctaFX provides an entry-level, low-cost MetaTrader platform in addition to its social copy-trading platform.
  • Binance - Great for investing in cryptocurrencies and is also an exchange platform.
  • ExpertOption - Extensive instructional materials are made available by ExpertOption to its customers.
  • 5paisa - 5paisa Capital Ltd is a publicly-traded and professionally managed firm.
  • Kotak Securities Limited. - They have shown that they are deserving of the title of well-known and well renowned full-service brokerage business.
  • RoboForex - Users from a variety of various backgrounds may be guaranteed of a flawless trading experience.
  • VantageFX - Vantage completes its MetaTrader platform suite offering with support for numerous social trading platforms.
  • Capex - It has swiftly established a reputation for itself by providing an enormous variety of complicated trading tools.
  • PocketOption - Pocket Option is one of the most reputable binary options trading platforms.
  • ThinkMarkets - Multi-regulated broker that specialises in forex and contract for difference (CFD) trading.
  • Trader's Way - Trader's Way forex brand, is approved and controlled by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).
  • IQ Option - At the moment, this broker has more than 48 million registered users and processes more than a million transactions per day.
  • Karvy - It is one of the most well-known brokerage businesses in India, with its headquarters in Hyderabad.
  • Trading212 - It was founded in 2013 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • - An excellent choice for traders looking for a comprehensive and dependable online platform.
  • - A multi-award-winning worldwide investment broker that originated in the United Kingdom.
  • - A premium brand, it provides a robust infrastructure as well as cutting-edge software.
  • Sharekhan - The full-service broker was once affiliated with SSKI and was recently bought by the BNP Paribas Financial Services Group.
  • Alpari - One of the world's biggest forex brokerage firms.
  • iForex - A well-known forex and CFD broker that provides a wide range of tradable assets
  • Exness - Exness a legitimate company in terms of usability.
  • FP Markets - An Australian CFD and FX broker founded in 2005.
  • IC Markets - A top-tier broker for serious Forex traders, and it is regulated by financial regulators.
  • XTB - This Polish broker is one of the largest publicly traded Forex and CFD brokers in the world.
  • Hugo's way - Registered in the Seychelles; it's a new player in the social trading arena.



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